How did the hipaa violation occur essays

how did the hipaa violation occur essays

your confidential health information. In order for OCR to determine whether a violation is likely to have occurred, the reason for the hipaa complaint should be written stated along with the potential violation. Contact information for hipaa violation reporting can be found on the above link. This rule was enacted in response to private information being leaked to the news and emails containing privileged information were read by unauthorized people. If you have made a mistake, accidentally viewed PHI of a patient that you are not authorized to view, or another individual in your organization is suspected of violating hipaa Rules, you should report hipaa violations promptly. In all cases, serious violations of hipaa rules including potential criminal violations, willful/widespread neglect of hipaa Rules, and multiple suspected hipaa violations should be reported to the Office for Civil Rights directly. There are many more examples of potential hipaa violations. While complaints can be submitted anonymously, it is important to bear in mind that OCR will not investigate any hipaa complaint if a name and contact information is not supplied.

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Cignet Health in Maryland was fined.3 million for two violations: failure to provide patients a copy of their medical records within 60 days of a request and failure to cooperate with civil investigators. Accidental hipaa violations occur even when great care is taken by employees. Authorization on the other hand, is more specific to the procedure or treatment being performed at the time and has an expiration date. Complaints should be submitted within 180 days of the violation being discovered, although in certain cases, an extension to the hipaa violation reporting time limit may be granted if there is good cause. As such, a violation occurs when a person or party unlawfully short essay on sea side picnic discloses your personal health information with another party without your permission.