Essay about if i were a boy

essay about if i were a boy

would no use of cellphones while driving essay longer ask me what I made for lunch that day. If I were a boy, it wouldnt be such a big deal. Whats your biggest regret? And when I would grow up, I would ascend the throne and become a king.

If, i Were, a, boy, essay If, i Were a, boy, essay

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However, if you pay close attention you also begin to realize that the record company is trying to do multiple things with this song. The artist Beyonce has a fantastic music video, directed by Jake Nava. Dont get me wrong, it has its positives, but I think Id still prefer to stay cathy o essay writing third graders the way. Do you wish you had spent more time studying or less? So I think, it is better to remain as I am here in a poor family with my loving parents, brothers, and sisters, and also the affectionate teachers of my school, and lead a simple life among the simple and common folk around. Hes a lot like me and I dont think Id change much if I were a different gender. I sha Fierce (2008 this album was conceived as a split-personality deal with one disc of heartfelt balladsincluding "If I Were a Boy" and "Halo"and another dedicated to Beyonc's alter-ego, the dangerous and dance-oriented Sasha Fierce. Im not a sports fanatic like the rest of my family, which is odd, but I think thats one of the things that lets people know I really am a girl. As a good king, I would be required to shoulder many responsibilities.

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