Essay on liner trade of ships

essay on liner trade of ships

moreover it also discusses the increasing size desirable daughters essay of the ships and its relationship with the container shipping industry. Gilman,., 1999, The size economies and network efficiency of large containerships, International Journal of Maritime Economics, 1(1 graham,.G. However today there is less knowledge about the economies of scale related to super-big container ships. This growth of world container traffic has also led to an increase in the size of ships resulting in challenges and opportunities for the container shipping industry.

However to really gain from the containerisation concept a lot of investment was needed in the transportation channels. Conclusion, containerisation has been revolutionary in terms of changes brought about in the transportation industry, and especially in the case of container shipping industry the change has not only led to its tremendous growth but also lowered prices. Graham states that the techniques like cost cutting by post-panamax building will not be helpful and instead will prevent the shipping industry from achieving stability. Some shippers try to increase their market share so they can invest in more ships. To him the danger of a brutal cycle of increase in ship scale, continuous building and decreasing margin is detrimental to the industry. Animated Examples, did you ever wonder where goods come from and how they actually get to the store?

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