The spirit catches you essay

the spirit catches you essay

cultural barriers between the two groups prevent any positive outcome in the health care of the Hmong familys youngest daughter, Lia. Related to power is knowledge, and in particular, the matter of whose knowledge is privileged. The main question in this case was could Lia have survived if her parent's and the doctors overcame show more content, merced's population was a one fifth Hmong and since mcmc offered the Medi-Cal plan which was a government funded service for people who couldn't. Vanquish the dreaded blank sheet of paper. Interesting, a public health nurse from Oakland, California admits that she was not prepared at all to deal with people from other cultures that were different from her own. Foua felt that the doctors wouldn't let them give just a little medication because they didn't understand about the soul. The relationship between the doctor and the patient, including the patients family, is extremely important. In the United States, the doctors are taught traditional Western medicine. 2003 m/ Fadiman, Anne The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down.

the spirit catches you essay

English 1A Research Paper.
In th e nonfiction text The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down, Anne.
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She assumed that the people she was going to serve in her community would accept the care she had been taught to give them (Quinn). Pediatrics 103 (1999 167-170 Ebsco Host Academic Search Elite. Although this will not be an easy road, and will take time for the training to show an impact in the delivery of health care, we can see that now is the time for change. When a translator wasn't available they would sign without knowing what for, because they believed that in America if they didn't sign they would be deported or punished.

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Now is the time to begin providing culturally effective health care for everyone. It is very clear that there needs to be much more done in training students how to be culturally sensitive than what is currently being done in medical school today, especially if doctors and health professionals recognize the fact that being culturally sensitive has. Sometimes even these people weren't around and the Hmong children who attended English school were used as the translators. But, doctors need to understand that Western medicine is a culture in itself. And, nothing at all is mentioned about culture in their continued education training. Yet Psychologists agree that although certain prejudices are hard to change, it can be done through extensive cultural and cross cultural training (Spector). She recalls an assignment where she had to pick a culture different from her own and learn about. Fadiman advocates for doctors to consider their patients' stories about their disease and to try to use a model of cooperation rather than coercion. Gradual change is preferable to radical change, because it allows the medical schools to see the success in a series of small changes (Kai et al). They place great importance on the clan; for instance, one reason that Foua and Nao Kao accepted Fadiman and her interpreter, May Ying, is that May Ying's husband belonged to the Lee's clan. Providers will thus enhance interpersonal and communication skills, thereby strengthening the physician-patient relationship. A study done at the University of Leicester Medical School in the United Kingdom, showed that most students were aware of their responsibility to consider cultural issues in caring for patients (Dogra).

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