Hard work is the key to success essay

hard work is the key to success essay

nmims (First Come First Serve System). There is no tomorrow for him. Nothing is easy to be achieved in life without doing any hard work. The hard work is a price that we pay for success in the life. Here are the main reasons:.

The prime minister of India late. However, very few of us have ever questioned that what exactly success. Life is full of strife. Work is a privilege and a pleasure, the idleness is a luxury that no one can afford. Instead, create your strategy, make a step-by-step plan and take the first step towards success no later than today. What a man earns by the sweat of his brow gives him a greater degree of satisfaction than what he gets by a stroke of fortune.

Why Hard Work Is Not The Key To A Happy, Fulfilled And Successful

hard work is the key to success essay

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