Essay on quotes don't be an asshole

essay on quotes don't be an asshole

not particularly bothered by the word 'dick' in this context, I also don't think is necessary when another word is just as good. I clicked on the link to see who on wikipedia has said "Accusing Wikipedia culture of being 'trollish and misogynistic' is nothing less than a way to silence people who challenge mainstream feminism and only after clicking the link I found out it wasn't. I'm not taking a lot of time to respond to comments, but felt obligated to respond to the accusation of "cherrypicking" here.

I say that seriously and humorously. As for alleged ad hominem attacks, nobody's attacking you, I'm simply calling you out on your feigned surprise expressed in this section after posting "Bold edit made. All the best: Rich Farmbrough, 02:11, (UTC). I don't get into gender politics on Wikipedia or edit gender-related articles often because I'm afraid. We have a dedicated historical template which is being used in a few thousand pages.

Indeed, that has been done in University of Chicago, while in Occidental College it is part of a multi-issue Controversy section. Yone ( talk ) 12:09, (UTC) Second. I mean, its not identified as a humor page, or else an inappropriate and insulting title would absolutely be appropriate. It's impossible for the title to reflect consensus in 2100 if the article is forever locked because somebody in 2015 thought a good enough consensus had been reached then.

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