Research for a dissertation

research for a dissertation

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See the Important Dates page for final WCE/thesis/dissertation deadlines. Similarly, there may be instances where you seek permission from participants not to protect their anonymity.

Principle five Providing the right to withdraw With the exception of those instances of covert observation where is not feasible to let everyone that is being observed know what you are doing, research participants should always have the right to withdraw from the research process. In other words, you don? Furthermore, participants should have the right to withdraw at any stage in the research process. You can edit your details here as well. If the work is later published, adjustments would then need to be made to protect the confidentiality of participants. Broadly speaking, your dissertation research should not only aim to do good (i.e., beneficence but also avoid doing any harm (i.e., non-malfeasance ). Scenario B You are interested in understanding the organisational culture in a single firm. An alternative is to remove identifiers (e.g., vernacular terms, names, geographical cues, etc.) or provide proxies when writing. Therefore, when you think about whether to engage in covert research and possibly deceptive practices, you should think about the extent to which this could be beneficial in your dissertation, not research in general; that is, everything from the research paradigm that guides your dissertation.

research for a dissertation

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