Ways to overcome gaming addiction essays

ways to overcome gaming addiction essays

The casualties of technological revolution can be considered as an important cause of computer addiction. Dong G, Lu Q, Zhou H, Zhao. Diffusion tensor imaging: concepts and applications. The addicted human brain: insights from imaging studies. When it comes to children in the young age, they have much exposure to the violence because of unstable character. Increased regional homogeneity in internet addiction disorder: a resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging study.

ways to overcome gaming addiction essays

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This addiction strongly affects ones health, in particular, eyesight, ones back and spine. Caplan SE, Williams D, Yee. Only a few people sense that they have problem and take it seriously. Zhou Y, Lin F-C, Du Y-S,. Here are some of the best ways to get rid of computer addiction. Research suggests that computer addiction elevates dopamine and changes the brains chemistry.