What makes me a good college student essay

what makes me a good college student essay

Countless studies have shown that we all have our strengths and weaknesses as learners. . In college, it can be easy for shy students to become just another face in the crowd, particularly at big universities. Free Essays 1269 words (3.6 pages) - College is a new chapter of a students life. Using Educational Resources Axia College offers many resources and tools that are user-friendly to help you succeed throughout your program. Where would you put yourself on the learner continuum? . Get Organized, getting organized essay on truth is god is key to staying on top of a college-level workload. Good teachers will thank you because it is almost never dumb (and even if it is, we should be cool about it). Good Essays 1202 words (3.4 pages).

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I dont assume these obstacles are going to lessen much in the immediate future; therefore, people that learn to focus through the daily noise will have a huge advantage in any endeavour they take on from this point forward. There are a variety of aspects that determine whether students are successful in college. A good student has to do study everyday. I was always the kind of person who just went with life and never thought about anything. I think that by the time most people have hit high school and university they have decided to put more energy into the areas in which they have excelled and consequently received positive reinforcement; therefore, having natural ability in a subject area often builds momentum. We still have a hard time with that in an academic setting for some reason. . Never be afraid to ask for help when you need. Once you understand why you are here, it will be easier to succeed throughout the classes. While studying, a good student can also use this time to do the homework and assigned reading. As you determine your major, you also need to pay attention to specific graduation requirements.

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