Why study business essay

why study business essay

the companys ethos to this day. Many students may see the restriction faced by German workers regarding second jobs as being an intrusion in an individual's private life, and therefore see it as a disadvantage. These individuals can provide clients with a suitable topic for their papers. Suggested Answer: The primary sources of sustained competitive advantage used by firms to compete in international markets include (a) using intellectual property rights such as trademarks or brand names to gain advantages over rivals; (b) capitalizing on first-mover advantages gained by spending large sums. Notes given in class do not normally contain enough content it is, therefore, the student's responsibility to find study materials. Finally, looser government trade and investment policies have made it easier for international businesses to capitalize on growth opportunities in the global marketplace.

why study business essay

Examples include embargoes that absolutely ban a particular export, and voluntary export restraints. Additionally, several "Sovereign Wealth Funds" (see Chapter 2 including the Singapore Investment Authority, China Investment Corporation, and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority purchased equity positions in many of these financial institutions. One area that might be different is the issue of turnover.

Tutorial 7 (Topic 6) Case Study : The Subprime Meltdown (Textbook: pg, 261) The closing case examines the events leading to the financial crisis currently affecting the global financial services industry and its impact on the world economy. Q3: If you were the top HRM executive for an international department store chain with stores in both Germany and the United States, what basic issues would you need to address regarding corporate HR policies? Licensees like the arrangements because they are able to make and sell products with proven success tracks, yet incur low R D costs. Suggested Answer: Students will probably take different perspectives in responding to these questions. Management contracts involve an agreement in which a firm in one country operates facilities or provides other management services to a firm in another country for a fee. Q2: How can an MNC affect its host country? Monies should be loaned only to credit-worthy individuals. More specifically, international business involves foreign currency transactions for at least one party, it may require a company to adjust to a foreign legal system and/or culture, and the way products are produced or the types of products that are produced may vary according. The text provides an example of how Poland encourages firms to expand their exports from their Polish operations by allowing companies to repatriate all of their profits earned from exports. Typically, foreign trade zones are used to stimulate economic development. The management fees it charges its South American subsidiaries erodes their profitability while improving the profitability of the main office.

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