Mobile phone is a curse essay

mobile phone is a curse essay

has enhanced our daily performance by controlling our maximum activities. Mobile phones are looked upon as a modern invention. So I think that it is curse. Instead of sleeping, teens stay up late and chat with their friends on their phones. That means our body can be safe up to this limit as per safety norms. The signals here our voice is carried with the help of large carrier wave. (The science critic of the 5 paragraph essay famous may be unclear on mobile phone radiation, but stress and sleep deprivation clearly harm your health.) Instead of keeping your handset by your pillow for a wake-up call, use a dedicated alarm clock. In contrast to its blessing mobile has brought many evils and bad practices in our daily life. Eunice Achiaa Adjei, comments: This article has 11 comment(s), give your comment. It uses 890915 MHz to send information from the mobile station to the base station.

Rozprawka: Are mobile phones a blessing or a curse?
Mobile Phones a, curse or a Blessing!

One would also prefer to be the new age Doubting Thomas "who will refuse to believe everything without direct, physical, personal evidence. Thus undoubtedly mobile (cellphone) has become blessing for. No, it is not curse yet because every child use roca thesis basin mixer an mobile play until teenagers, they didnt feel curse (Or even their friends) But for some reason, like watch curse something for exam is curse phone, never thought devil number. Conclusion: So we see that there are disadvantages and advantages of the cellphone. The mobile phone is not a curse for teenagers. Certainly, these mobile phones are manufactured in the developed countries: they export them to the third world countries.

What about your cell phone use? Both caller and receiver can be deceived since one cannot tell where exactly the other person is there are so many advantages to the user. Report Post, the mobile phone is a curse for teenagers.

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