Transcontinental railroad essay

transcontinental railroad essay

Major John Wesley Powell was obliged, at the insistence of Western congressmen who were acting on the behest of railroad lobbies, to strike out, in his account of the Great Plains, every reference of semi- aridity' and substitute. "The country might take to the railroad as a novelty and a tourist fashion, but the companies saw it as a chain of missing links between the Great Plains and the people who would want, or could be urged, to settle it (Cooke 229). Social Issues / The Immigration Problem The Immigration Problem The question is have we given worcester state college essay up on turning our immigrants into Americans (Brimelow 30). School lands, university lands, and other state lands were put on the market in competition with homesteads. The climate of the plains was misrepresented. Occurrences such as the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution were profound periods of progress. During the 1880s, Omaha became an important industrial and meat-packing center. The Old West The Pioneers. The two companies struggled to beat each other in slamming down a record mileage of track.

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transcontinental railroad essay

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The transcontinental railroad proved it's worth and had a tremendous impact on westward expansion. The Homestead Act of 1862 was passed by the government to encourage farming in the Mid- West. The Transcontinental Railroad schools should start later essay instilled a sense of overwhelming pride in the nation, and it paved the way for the development of the West. Without the railroad, the homesteads could have only been reached by wagon, which would have discouraged many if not most of the settlers going to become farmers. Humanities Essays / Social Environment And Its Effect On One's Life Social Environment and Its Effect On One's Life Social environment is influenced by one's power and wealth.

During the 1850s, North and South routes were developed both East and West of the Alleghenies. A considerable part of this expansion was in the Great Plains United States of America" 472). The philosophies that make. Even though they were being paid more and received less discrimination, they were being paid a very small amount for the long and dangerous work they did every day. And these, with the cooks and dishwashers from the dormitory trains, made up the welcoming party. The Northern Pacific was thereafter wittily referred to by newspapers as Jay Cooke's Banana Belt. The telegraph operator was connected with San Francisco and New York and was ready to send the first coast-to- coast commentary.