Make the hay while the sun shines essay

make the hay while the sun shines essay

beaverslide. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs. One of the most significant differences in hay digestion is between ruminant animals, such as cattle and sheep ; and nonruminant, hindgut fermentors, such as horses. Balers are usually pulled by a tractor, with larger balers requiring more powerful tractors. The original machines were of the vertical design similar to the one photographed by Greene. The ratio of volume to surface area makes it possible for many dry-area farmers to leave large bales outside until they are consumed.

make the hay while the sun shines essay

Make Hay While the Sun Shines: Fourth in the Series of Stories About Growing Up in and Around Small Towns in the Midwest Jean Tennant. Free shipping on qualifying offers.

If it rains while the hay is drying, turning the windrow can also allow it to dry faster. Not to be confused with straw. In 1900, there were 130,000 horses in Manhattan, each one eating fifteen to twenty pounds of hay daily. Loose hay stacking edit Loose stacks are built to prevent accumulation of moisture and promote drying, or curing. Traditionally, manure has been used on hayfields, but modern chemical fertilizers are used today as well. Feeding hay edit Main articles: Equine nutrition, Cattle feeding, and Sheep husbandry See also: Fodder, Ruminant, and Cecum Hay or grass is the foundation of the diet for all grazing animals and can provide as much as 100 of the fodder required for an animal.

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There is also a risk that hay bales may be moldy, or contain decaying carcasses of small creatures that were accidentally killed by baling equipment and swept up into the bale, which can produce toxins such as botulism. Later in the 20th century, balers were developed capable of producing large bales that weigh up to 3,000 pounds (1,400 kg). To that end, compost and field rotation can enhance soil fertility, and regular mowing of fields in the growth phase of the hay will often reduce the prevalence of undesired weeds. A river in NW Canada, flowing NE to the Great Slave Lake. Derived terms edit Translations edit Further reading edit Verb edit hay ( third-person singular simple present hays, present participle haying, simple past and past participle hayed ) To cut grasses or herb plants for use as animal fodder. It is the leaf and seed material in the hay that determines its quality. Farmers try to harvest hay at the point when the seed heads are not quite ripe and the leaf is at its maximum when the grass is mowed in the field. Modern mechanized techniques edit Different balers can produce hay bales in different sizes and shapes. Hay baled before it is fully dry can produce enough heat to start a fire. When his mother carried him in her arms back to Vietnam, his paternal grandmother said they had bought a return ticket for her, but she realised it was only a one-way ticket when she was at the airport, trying to return to Korea. Supplemental feed may be required for working animals with high energy requirements.

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