Essay about unforgettable moments

essay about unforgettable moments

aberrations of society, which it is now attempted to exalt over the direct expression. 4 The Provenal trouveurs, or inventors, preceded Petrarch, whose verses are as spells, which unseal the inmost enchanted fountains of the delight which is in the grief of love. 15 But I digress. The cultivation of those sciences which have enlarged the limits of the empire of man over the external world, has, for want of the poetical faculty, proportionally circumscribed those of the internal world; and man, having enslaved the elements, remains himself a slave. Yet Horace, Catullus, Ovid, and generally the other great writers of the Vergilian age, saw man and nature in the mirror of Greece.

essay about unforgettable moments

All high poetry is infinite; it is as the first acorn, which contained all oaks potentially. We enjoyed the strawberries and raspberries very much. The connection of scenic exhibitions with the improvement or corruption of the manners of men has been universally recognized; in other words, the presence or absence of poetry in its most perfect and universal form has been found to be connected with good and evil. It is not what the erotic poets have, but what they have not, in which their imperfection consists. Lucretius is in the highest, and Vergil in a very high sense, a creator. Poetry is a sword of lightning, ever unsheathed, which consumes the scabbard that would contain. Not that this highest species of pleasure is necessarily linked with pain. Nonfiction Harvard Classics English Essays: Sidney to Macaulay, contents, bOOK contents, bibliographic record, english Essays: Sidney to Macaulay. There is this difference between a story and a poem, that a story is a catalogue of detached facts, which have no other connection than time, place, circumstance, cause and effect; the other is the creation of actions according to the unchangeable forms of human. And it is indisputable that the highest perfection of human society has ever corresponded with the highest dramatic excellence; and that the corruption or the extinction of the drama in a nation where it has once flourished is a mark of a corruption of manners. Hence all original religions are allegorical, or susceptible of allegory, and, like Janus, have a double face of false and true.

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