Essay about power and authority

essay about power and authority

proposal is viable and will eventually result in the task objectives' attainment. According to tigweb, a global issue is A broad description that is often used to explain matters of great social concern that affect human populations locally and that are shared among diverse human societies within our global community. Power is an authoritative quality which not many have the capability. Staff such as coaches, first-line supervisors or lower level leaders will spend considerable amount of time training followers, scheduling practices and work, solving team performance or work-unit and implementing policies. Coalition, the person seeks the aid of other people to persuade the other person to do things or using the support of other people as a reason for the other person to agree also. Power bases refer to what power holders control that permits them to manipulate the behavior of others.

essay about power and authority

Meanwhile, the concept of authority is as an explanation for compliance has been seized upon, to the exclusion of the concept of power.
Max Weber makes a basic distinction between power and authority.
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An individual with evolving into a greater person essay legitimate power uses influence through demands or requests deemed appropriate by virtue of that individual's position and role. Max Weber, whose study took place in the 19th century, decided that authority was split into three types: charismatic authority, traditional authority, and rational - legal authority. 4.0 THE need FOR power Human varies in the motivation to control or influence other people as McClelland termed as the need for power. This adversely affects trade (export and import important business transaction across borders, value of money also changes. People have followed leaders through world wars, and bloody genocides only because of their inability to question authority. Effects of Inflation Investment: If the price of goods increases and people have to compensate for the increase in price, they usually make use of their savings. I agree with respecting authority, but I also believe that every individual has their own mind and they should use it to question his or her authority and not follow it blindly. Followers can make threats to leaders with the act of slowing down work, strikes, industrial sabotage or even physical assaults in order to modify a leader's behavior.

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