Social networking sites pros and cons essay

social networking sites pros and cons essay

make it easier for identity thieves to replicate your online presence. Pedophiles thrive on pictures being posted and they also love using things such as the Facebook chat system to their advantage. We can use SNSs to video chat, voice chat, or do video conferencing with friends added to our 'friends list'. SNSs are common among children, teenagers, adults, and also among old people. This also reduces the amount of kids walking around the streets committing crimes. As the issue of trolling got bigger intellectual thinking essay and bigger the police became more involved and have started jailing people. There are no in betweens.

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Only since 2006 has Facebook been open to all ages (thirteen years and older) and education levels, as it is today (Abram). She was bullied through text message and Facebook. The first SNS was m, which was launched in 1997. For example Sean Duffy, who wrote abusive messages on tribute pages for example a girl called Natasha MacBryde who was hit by a train. No wonder it is one of the fastest growing communication tool in the internet. For example Phoebe Prince, an Irish immigrant in America, killed herself after three months of bullying because she was dating somebody who was older then her. tags: Social networking Sites, Social Media. Even though we know trolling exists there is not much we can do to stoop it apart from not allowing people to view the tribute page or forum unless you know who they are. Kids, of a very young age, could end up downloading pornography or other unsuitable images.

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social networking sites pros and cons essay

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