Why i want to go to university essay

why i want to go to university essay

response to this prompt, remember that as diverse as the student body at U of C is, they all share one common traita love for learning, one that they chose to spend four years indulging here. Students who would love the University of Chicago experience celebrate what they read, watch and listen to without apology. . U of C is a place where fit is just as important as intellect. . Again, its the kind of problem that can be addressed immediately. At first, everything is different and scary, but then it is an advantage to stand on their own feet. They want to move away from home. We're trying to help students improve their writing the hard way. People started to trust me and at every given opportunity Id jump at the chance of taking on more responsibility. You may recall that the same issue came up in the previous essay, so this is something that you should look out for.

My manager at the time encouraged me to read as much as possible; he had a rule of rotating his reading between non-fiction and fiction, and I still follow this rule today. That's not the case at every selective college in the country, and it's one of the reasons why it is a particular kinds of student who ends up, and thrives, at the University of Chicago. The answers might all be different. . Its relatively easy to address this problem, and easy problems are the ones you should address first.

Knowledge is a great key to open closed gates. Many students go to university to get higher education than high school and get a high level of information for a specific subject that they are interested. Your best friend can be a good judge of whether or not your writing sounds like you. .

Your answer should reveal something about yourself and why you believe this is a place where you could be happy and successful for four years. . Speaking of student essays on school bus safety "So 'you write something you would describe as, well, "So 'you'.". Read the instructions againthey tell you not to agonize over this, to be playful, to analyze, to create or compose in a voice that is your own, etc They're telling you be yourself. . That said, let me clarify the reasons for a couple of the emendations (by no means exhaustive) made here. If you've read "One Hundred Years of Solitude" over and over again, tell them why. . That desire to learn isn't the only thing that makes U of C great, and it's not necessarily the only thing you should cite in your desire to attend. Yes, "optional" really does mean "optional." But c'mon. . Don't worry so much about what they want to hear. . Some would be wildly contrasting (and maybe even a little bit strange). . Reading extensively helped build up my vocabulary, my general knowledge and understanding of the world, and my creativity. It'll enrich my life and that is the biggest selling-point for. But it's arguably the school's most defining characteristic.

why i want to go to university essay

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