Is modern technology good or bad essay

is modern technology good or bad essay

to formulate new ideas. "Technology - is it a good or a bad thing?". Currently, because of science there is modern medicine which is used to treat and cure sickness. Since the beginning of time man has been on endless exploration of information and knowledge. Man desires nuclear energy without worrying about the nuclear refuse and hazardous consequences of nuclear radiation. Till this day, people are still suffering from the effects of nuclear radiation.

Scientific discoveries can have consequences and it is the obligation of man to search for solutions when problems arise instead of just assuming the concealed consequences. Retrieved 21:31, August 03, 2018, from. People spend hours in front of the screen not thinking about the consequences. People do not like spending their time on face to face communication. Information has greatly improved and an example is the emergence of the internet. These things are not really "Technology" yes could have the same or worse results. It is a natural way of live.