Global politics extended essay

global politics extended essay

or indigenous languages. The onslaught of globalization and presidential border for writing papers the maintenance of national identities. Examination of the reasons for racism within a particular cultural/societal context. Geopolitics and aid in regional conflicts. Conflict, peace, and security, global issues, possible local manifestations. Psychology, social and cultural anthropology, visual arts, global politics, literature. Global politics, psychology, environment and/or economic sustainability, global issues, possible local manifestations. Politics and the arts, post-apartheid South Africa, theatre, global politics. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, global politics, philosophy, social and cultural anthropology. Business management, physics, economics, ESS (environmental systems and societies geography Global warming and the fish industry Local case study of the effects of climate change on the fishing industry ESS, business management, geography Transit systems and economic/environmental sustainability Case study of the Bandra Worli sea. Visual arts, social and cultural anthropology, global politics, psychology.

global politics extended essay

Assessment objectives In working on the extended essay, students are expected to:. Plan and pursue a research project with intellectual initiative and insight. Global politics: Subject-specific guidance See also: Extended essay guide and, extended essay teacher support material Overview An extended essay (EE) in global politics gives students an opportunity to undertake an in-depth analysis.

Minority group rights issues, specific examples of supporting electoral college essay groups campaigning for equal rights or recognition of their status. Revolution and social media, arab Spring in Egypt, global politics, itgs (Information technology in a global society). International justice, charles Taylor and Sierra Leone, philosophy, history, global politics. Comparison of the viability of two case studies. Language, psychology, social and cultural anthropology. The Georgia conflict post-2008, geography, global politics, economics, the ethics of intervention in national or regional conflicts by the international community. Visual arts, global politics, social and cultural anthropology. Possible subjects, sustainable wind power as an offshore or onshore project. Possible subjects, the media's role in conflict, israel and Palestine. Specific examples of where art has been used in relation to civil protest. The impact of street art in protests against discrimination and persecution.