Essay on marriage infidelity

essay on marriage infidelity

(Which ostensibly, gives her carte blanche to become selfish, irresponsible, and childlike) Are all women like this? Perhaps the only criteria should really be "Am I excited to merge my finances with him/her?" Because, when all the fluff and hype are boiled away, that may be the only remaining reality. (Due to the gay rights movement) You do not need to be married to designate your partner on a life insurance policy.

Marital infidelity : Can cheating on your spouse save your

essay on marriage infidelity

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Yet, men unknowingly agree to the exact same insanity when they sign their marriage contract! This leaves a man to earn the money, and leaves him to pay for maintenance of household and children. The simple fact is, a man no longer needs this. As noted above, after the children are in school, the wife may enjoy a life of leisure that is afforded to her by her man's hard work. Yet they seek this exception to the rule everyday at the altar. Many times, the reasons men get married are unfounded. Click Here to listen to Our Client Testimonies. They may find themselves stuck in careers they hate, or working for abusive exploitative management, working excessively long hours, working in jobs that are physically threatening, that have no growth potential, enduring prolonged commutes, etc. The intent is not to dissuade men from marrying, but to encourage them in communicating frankly their concerns and expectations of marriage with their potential spouses. Owning beautiful dream home together has nothing to do with being "married".