Socialism vs communism essays

socialism vs communism essays

and energy to produce it (Marcus and Burner 89). Thus, you would find all communists advocating for socialism because it lays the foundations for communism. What each of these terms mean to an economy can be described as follows: capitalism, this term was first coined by Karl Marx to describe a system in which small group of people own large amount of money, land, resources. With this blend of capitalism with socialist ideals, the working class can be taken care of, but not at the expense of losing Americas capitalist identity. Even though people have an education, there is no place for them to use it (Nucifora 24). Hard work pays off because the harder you work the more opportunities you have to create the perfect life. Another element of socialism in American society is the minimum wage law, as well as overtime laws. The blend of capitalism with some socialist ideals leads to a truly prosperous society.

With both authors exaggerating their claims, the truth lies somewhere in between. I am sure revolts and riots would occur all over the world. However, Carnegie does not talk about the abhorrent conditions in his steel mills. This combination of socialism and capitalism has recently gotten Norway elected the most desirable country in the world to live. In the last few chapters of the novel, the story is abandoned. Under this system life is better for everyone. Socialism is the belief that the wealth of a country should be shared among all its citizens. Schliemann is a socialist leader who acts as a voice for Sinclair in the novel. Though its very good for trades and industries to flourish, it can lead to worker exploitation and unethical business pratices. According to Carnegie everyone had an individual responsibility to, as well as the opportunity to rise, thus poverty should be temporary. For example, Sinclair describes capitalism as a system that is relentless, remorseless and cruel and if someone tried to get in its way, it would cut his throat and watch him gasp for life (Sinclair 41). New York: Barnes and Noble Inc, 1995).

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